"The Fort Worth Stockyards-Where the Old West Comes Alive"

A high-quality, readable, and enduring photographic souvenir book

depicting the iconic Fort Worth Stockyards,

featuring historic views,

the memorable current photographs of
Lola Lavender-Hardisty 

Lavender Pathways-Photography by Lola

and lively text by historian

Jack Edmondson

Because the Fort Worth Stockyards is a cherished civic jewel, ever-popular visitor and beloved hometown attraction, the appetite for a first-class visual record of the history and charm in book form is assured and will be ongoing as new waves of visitors look for a beautiful and affordable souvenir of their experience. 


The 132 page The Fort Worth Stockyards-Where the Old West Comes Alive book features current images of such events and places as the Fort Worth Herd Cattle Drive, Stockyards Station, Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, Livestock Exchange Building, Billy Bob’s, the Grapevine Vintage Railroad, Stockyards Museum, Cowtown Opry, Stockyards Hotel, Cowtown Coliseum and Championship Rodeo, cattle pens, historic murals at the Cattlemen’s Steakhouse and Visitors Center, historic re-enactors, colorful alleyways and businesses in the Stockyards area, and many other images that show off the historic, nationally renowned area. The book also contains photographs of and interviews with numerous Stockyards personalities.

          “I am a Photographic Historian.” Photographer Lola Lavender-Hardisty, who has been documenting the district for several years, has captured fresh views for this book. Her Stockyards photos have been published in Texas Monthly, Cowboys and Indians Magazine, and Conde Nast Traveler. Her work, which has won numerous awards, is regularly posted and shared on Facebook, Flickr, and sold on her website.  The trailer for the Fort Worth Herd longhorns is wrapped with one of Lavender-Hardisty's images.

Lola serves on the Board of Directors for Friends of the Fort Worth Herd. She has led many photowalks in the Stockyards to share her love of the area with other photographers. It is Lola’s passion to capture and document in photos the people, architecture, attractions and events of the current Stockyards. She is the official documentarian of the Fort Worth Stockyards book and also Project Director and Publishing Coordinator. Many people in the Stockyards consider her and Jack Edmondson “The Keeper of the Stories.”

         “I am a local Stockyards character,” maintains J. R. (Jack) Edmondson.  “I spend almost as much time there as I do at my home.”  That time may be divided between riding his tall buckskin, Big Jake, in one of the Stockyards parades; emceeing a fundraiser for the North Fort Worth Historical Society or the Northside Inter-Community Agency; portraying Sam Houston at a Texas Independence Day event for the Cowtown Opry; or “shooting bad guys” in a Legends of Texas comic gunfight skit in the Stockyards Station.      

In his writings, the retired history teacher views himself in the role of historian as storyteller.  Edmondson has authored several books and over fifty magazine articles, most on aspects of Texas history.  His book, The Alamo Story--from Early History to Current Conflicts, has been praised as the "best" and "most readable" of all historical accounts devoted to Texas’ most sacred shrine. Edmondson also has appeared in more than a dozen documentary film productions for such venues as the History, Discovery, and Outdoor channels.  He portrayed four different historical Fort Worth figures in the award winning documentary, Wall Street of the West, about the history of the Stockyards.  A native Texan, Edmondson graduated from Fort Worth Country Day School.  He received his B. S. from the University of Texas at Austin and his M.S. from Texas Christian University.  In appreciation for his contributions to Texas history, Edmondson was elected an honorary member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas, and Governor Rick Perry commissioned him an Admiral in the Texas Navy.  Edmondson currently serves as “Past Chair” of the Tarrant County Historical Commission.  He is on the Board of Directors for the Texas Trail of Fame, the Friends of the Fort Worth Herd, and the Friends of Log Cabin Village.  


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Lola Hardisty